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In Como colors and scents to excite!

A flower for every occasion

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Flowers are presented as a gift in many occasions and they are always welcome; nevertheless, there are rules to follow according to the event you are celebrating, so that your gift will be better appreciated.


Small pink roses, pink or white tulips bouquets are very suitable.


Traditionally there should be white flowers, no matter the sex of the child. Someone would prefer giving a pink or light blue bouquet.

Communion or Confirmation.

Flowers must be white, preferably lilies or roses.

Love and Engagement

Red roses are the most common, but you can also have faint and delicate colors: small pink or white roses, pink peonies or lilacs.

Love and Wedding

To be delivered to the bride and groom the day before the ceremony. A basket of orange blossoms, jasmines, corms, lilies, gypsophila or freesias. The most suitable flowers are the traditional orange blossoms, roses, jasmines, corms, orchids.


The most appropriate flower for any kind of anniversary is certainly the rose, in any kind or color

Silver and gold wedding anniversaries

Any flower and color are suitable for this occasions, provided the arrangement is tied with a silver ribbon, in case of silver anniversary, or a golden ribbon, in case of gold anniversary.


Gorgeous and colorful flowers with some laurel branches. The color should refer to the faculty of the new graduate.

Valentine’s day

Lover’s day – a bunch of red roses, in odd number

Women’s day


Mother’s day

Any bouquet fits this occasion.


Holly, golden ears of wheat, branches with berries, butcher's-broom and poinsettias.

New year’s Eve

Arrangements with mistletoe and ears of wheat.


Daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, buttercups and peach blossoms.


Cheerful and colorful flowers, better without smell (in odd number)