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Plant pests

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Animal pests:

Carefully check your plants for insects and mites.

The most common are:

Aphids (lice) and scale insects feed on plant juices, causing weakening, slowing of vital function, fading.

Some plants are more sensitive than others (for example kentia is sensitive to scale and rose is sensitive to lice) but it is necessary to check all the plants you have at home.

These pests propagate faster in spring. A preventive action should be taken when previous attacks occurred.

Red spiders and other mites come out in spring, and while spiders can be easily seen since their dimension is of a few tenths of a millimeter, other mites usually cannot be seen unless they have already bred in colonies.

Prevention by end February / March is a good solution to eliminate eggs.

You can check with our staff for specific products to be sprayed.

Fungal diseases
The three main groups are fungi, bacteria and viruses.
While infestation is more difficult for bacteria and virus, for which a treatment is done at the source, i.e. in seedbeds and greenhouses, fungi can grow as a result of situations you can have also at home.

Rusts are fungi and look exactly like iron rust, with powdery yellow-brownish sports. They often hit roses and carnations.

Mildew hits a lot of species (Laurel, rose) and is similar to a white powdery mold.

Botrytis fungus can  easily be spotted under cyclamen leaves, when they are kept moist for too long.

All these diseases appear when temperature is over 18°C and humidity is very high.

Roots rotting instead depend on overwatering associated to scarce light conditions, especially in winter. Please check this possibility first.

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