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Tips on plants

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Some simple but important tips to enjoy your plants.

Leaf Polish

Use seldom only with shine leaf plants. Spray for no more than 2 seconds at a time, and at least 30/40 cm from leaves, as they can be burned from the cold temperature from the compressed product.


Do not expose indoor plants to direct sunlight. Please note all plants need light, and only some of them can thrive with a small amount of it.

The more light they get = the more water they need,

The less light they get = the less water they need.


Always disinfect the blade you are going to use for trimming with alcohol or other solutions before and during this operation, especially when switching from one plant to another. Every plant has got its pruning season, please follow specific instructions.


Plants which are bought from a florists shop and are grown in greenhouses normally do not stand direct sunlight. Only some species can adapt, but they have to get used to it little by little, starting from spring.

Many plants can stand morning sunshine, since it is weaker, being low on the horizon, and filtered by night moisture. High sunshine from noon to evening, when air dries out and sunbeams are straight and less filtered, can be really harmful.


When the temperature falls, watering schedules and quantity will have to be reduced. A dry plant will stand low temperatures more easily.


A small quantity of water has to be used, if necessary more frequently, but if you see water in the pot holder for more than one day, you have to drain it, and reduce the amount of water or frequency in watering. In such a case, it is better to wait until the pot is dry before watering again.

The major cause of damages to plants is too much water.

Water your plants less frequently in winter, and especially wait for them to be dry before repeating. The best way is to check the pot’s weight to understand if the soil is still too wet.


The new pot has to be maximum 2-4cm wider. Do not transplant in winter and in summer.


Always use fertilizers which contain micronutrients along with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Do not forget iron at least in spring.


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