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Cut flowers care

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These are tips for you to enjoy color and beauty of the cut flowers you purchased or were given to you.

Fill a pot with clean water, after rinsing it, if necessary with bleach.

Some flowers with soft stem need a small amount of water: gerbera daisies need about 6-10cm.

Roses need water up to 40%of their height.

Add a sachet of cut flowers food.

If no food is available, use some drops of pure bleach, in order to prevent bacteria growing in the water. Some sugar will have the same result. You can also try with a copper wire in the water.

Change water everyday if no food is available.

Trim flower stems at an angle with a sharp blade (3/4 cm for roses)

The result will be better if such operation is carried out by keeping the cutting under water in order to avoid the formation of air bubbles in the lymphatic vessels of the stem, which prevent the aspiration of the water towards flower and leaves.

Repeat the cutting daily for at least 1 cm.

Remove any leaves that may be submerged in the water in your vase.

Display your flowers in a place protected from heat-generating appliances, direct sunlight and drafts such as fans since water evaporation from the flower will be accelerated, and cannot be compensated from drawing from the pot. High temperatures and sunlight cause flowers to  shrivel .

Do not place flowers near fruits, since they release ethylene, which is poisonous for flowers and make them shrivel very quickly.


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